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A Meta-Analysis of Natural Resources and Conflict

Research and Politics, forthcoming
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Political Space in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes:

Activating Pro Forma Platforms (with Norman Schofield)

Regional Autonomy in Rich Regions:

Evidence from Adjara, Georgia

International Tourism's Impact on Regional Autonomy:

Evidence from 2004 EU Accession Countries

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Did Natural Resource Wealth Motivate Fighting in the Bosnian War?

Journal of International Studies, April 2016

Replication Files

Update in the Use of brt Mutant Tomato Plants for DDT Phytoremediation

Report of the Tomato Genetics Cooperative, 2012

Phytoremediation Comparisons Between Solanum lycopersicum Wild-Type

and brt Mutant Using Kelthane Miticide

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